IYAC Newport Cup


Registered: No Be at Dock - Sat July 2nd @ 9:00AM EDT Event Website: IYAC Newport - http://iyacnewport.com/ Available | Name | Position | Assignment | Crew Comment Total Crew 0 = Confirmed (0) + Maybe (0) -- Maybe includes Available with no position assigned Post # 190: https://bba.crew-mgr.com/event/iyac-newport-cup-2/


Newport Private Fireworks Series

Each year, the City Council issues a maximum of eight permits for privately orchestrated fireworks displays. Check below to see when and where fireworks are scheduled to be displayed around Newport, as approved by the City Council.  Event Holder Location Date Time Duration Private Wedding Belle Mer June 18, 2022 9 p.m. 6 minutes Bailey's Beach Club Barge off Beach Club…