Providence River Channel Lighted Buoy 15 Sinking

Block Island Wind Farm WTG-3 Fog Horn Sound Signal Inoperable

NEBW Daybeacon no longer operable

Bristol Harbor Daybeacon 6A Missing

Bristol Harbor East Channel Buoy 5 Off Station and a hazard to navigation

Bristol Harbor West Channel Buoy 1 Off Station

Quonset Point Terminal Approach Buoy EB-B Missing

Pawcatuck River Channel Daybeacon Missing

URI Coastal Monitoring Lighted Research Buoy Discontunued

Pawcatuck River Channel Daybeacon 23 Discontinued while dredging

Regent Craft Inc. will be testing a wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) craft in the West Passage of
Narragansett Bay through approximately May 31, 2023

Bristol Harbor Middle Ground-Castle Island Rocks- partially submerged vessel 41-39.219N and 071-17.149W

Dyer Island- partially submerged vessel in position 41-34-54.78N and 071-18-6.48W


Greenwich Bay and Warwick Cove-shoaling from the west restricting channel width to 90’ between Warwick Cove Buoy 3 and Warwick Cove Buoy 7.

Block Island Sound and Pt. Judith Pone- shoaling between Pt. Judith Pond Channel Buoy 2 and Pt. Judith Pond Channel Buoy 4. Shoaling is encroaching from the East Side of the Channel to the west.

Mt. Hope Bay- shoaling reported in the Kickamuit River in the vicinity of Kickamuit Buoy 2.


Pt. Judith Pond- from November 30,2022 to January 31, 2023. Refer to VHF-FM Channel 13.


Providence River seawall repair located 41-48-00.3N and 971-23-31.3W from March 14, 2022 to April 1, 2023. Refer to Channels 13 and 16 during working hours.

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