Rhode Island Topics

June 7, 2023

Week 23


Aids to Navigation Updates

Pawtuxet Cove Channel Approach Buoy 1 damaged. First reported June 7th

Little Narragansett Bay Channel Buoy off station. First reported May 23rd

Providence River Channel Buoy 17 back on station

Mt Hope Bay Bridge Radar inoperable. First reported May 15th

Braga Bridge Sound Signal Inoperable. First reported January 15th

Quonset Point Terminal Approach Buoy EB-B missing. First reported in 2022

Pawcatuck River Channel Daybeacon missing. First reported in 2021.

Bristol Harbor West Channel Buoy 1 working properly. Corrected June 7th.

URI Coastal Monitoring Lighted Research Buoy discontinued 2021.


Chart Terminations and Corrections

Chart 13205 “Block Island Sound and Approaches” will be cancelled August 30,2023

Chart 13209 “Block Island Sound and Gardiners Bay” will be cancelled July 5,2023

Chart 13215 “Block Island Sound-Point Judith to Montauk Point, Connecticut-Rhode Island-New York” will be cancelled July 5, 2023

Chart 13217 “Point Judith Harbor Rhode Island” will be cancelled July 5, 2023

Chart 13221 “Narragansett Bay Rhode Island-Massachusetts” will cancelled August 2,2023

Chart 13223 “Narragansett Bay including Newport Harbor Rhode Island” will be cancelled August 30,2023

Chart 13226 “Mount Hope Bay- Southwest Ledge Buoy 2 has been RELOCATED from 41-40-01.483N,070-40-09/537W to 41-40-2.113N,070-40-09.928W


Advanced Notices

Chart 13209 “Block Island Sound and Gardiners Bay:” Removing Radar Transmitter Beacon and Whistle from Valiant Rock Lighted Whistle Buoy and Adding an AIS signal to the Navigation Aid.

Chart 13221 “Rhode Island Seacoast-Narragansett Bay-Eastern Approach:” Removing Radar Transmitter Beacon and Whistle from Narragansett Bay Entrance Lighted Whistle Buoy and Adding an AIS signal to the Navigation Aid.

Proposed Change Notice

Chart 13221 RI-Mount Hope Bay-Kickamuit River

Change the permanent buoys listed below to seasonal foam hull buoys removed from November 15 to May 1 each year.

  • Kickamuit River Buoy 1
  • Kickamuit River Buoy 2
  • Kickamuit River Buoy 4
  • Kickamuit River Buoy 6
  • Kickamuit River Buoy 7

Interested Mariners are encouraged to email comments referencing Project No. 01-23-032 by email to D01-SMB-DPWPublicComments@uscg.mil.


Shoaling Notices in Rhode Island Waters

Chart 13221 “Greenwich Bay-Warwick Cove”- Shoaling has been observed within the federal navigation channel to at least depth of 3 ft mean low water. Shoaling is encroaching from the west and has impacted the western part of the channel, reducing the authorized width from 150 feet to approximately 90’ between Warwick Cove Buoy 3 and Warewick Cove Buoy 7.

Chart 13205 “Point Judith Pond”- Shoaling has bee observed within the channel to a least depth of 5.5 ft mean low water in approximate position 41.22’48N and 071.33’55W between Point Judith Pond Channel Buoy 2 and Point Judith Channel Buoy 4. Shoal is encroaching from the East side of the channel protruding west.

Chart 13221 “Mount Hope Bay-Kickamuit River” – Shoaling has been reported in the Kickamuit River in the vicinity of Kickamuit River Buoy 2. Mariners are advised to proceed with caution.


Summary of Onging Dredging and Marine Construction Projects

Block Island Wind Farm- The Lift Boat RAM XV will be jacked down at Block Island Wind Farm Tower 4 from approximately May 14 to August 1,2023 to attend to Tower Four while it undergoes maintenance. Mariners are requested to navigate with caution in the area and not pass beneath the RAM XV. RAM XV will be monitoring VHF-FM CH 16 for any concerned traffic. For more information contact is.orsted.com/mariners.


RI- BLOCK ISLAND-Updated 5/1/23

The University of Rhode Island will be conducting education research in position 41-06-00.000N and 071-32-38.40W from April 6 to July 22, 2023. Seven days per week24 hours a day. Equipment on the scene will be a SOFAR Spotter Buoy with SMART Mooring Attachment, 35-meter cable, 135 pound anchor, with an amber flashing light. Mariners are advised to use caution and transit at slow speed to minimize wake when transiting the area.



Regent Craft Inc. will be testing a prototype wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) craft in Narragansett Bay and Mt. Hope Bay beginning July 7,2022 until approximately May 31, 2023. The testing areas include the waters of Narragansett Bay, east and west of Prudence Island, and Mt. Hope Bay. Testing of the prototype will last approximately 2-4 hours, Monday through Friday with occasional tests on weekends and occur during day light hours only. All mariners are advised to use caution when transiting through these areas and avoid these areas if possible while testing is ongoing to de-conflict traffic conditions. The vessel can be reached on VHF channel 13/16. For further information, please contact U.S Coast Guard Sector Southeast New England at 508 457-3211.



Naval Undersea Warfare Center will be conducting continued testing using surface and subsurface devices north and east of Gould Island in the vicinity of the torpedo test range restricted area marked on NOAA Chart 13223 and the Newport Bridge Monday – Friday from Jan 2023 through December 2023. Mariners are requested to cooperate with participating vessels for the safety of all. Any concerned traffic can contact Navy support craft on VHF channels 13 and 16.



The Coast Guard advertises this information through local, Sector Broadcast Notice to Mariners (BNMs) and through the weekly, First Coast Guard District LNM. BNMs are additionally available directly to mariners by email sign-up at the CG Navigation Center Web Site (Subscribe to Our RSS Feeds | Navigation Center (uscg.gov). Once identified NOAA will then chart the UXO location so they are available on electronic navigation chart updates. Information on proper reporting and safety procedures for UXOs can be found at the following link: Home – DENIX (osd.mil)



Sixteen (16) unexploded ordnances have been located via survey in Narragansett Bay – West Passage in positions:
(1.) 41-27-7.68N 071-24-35.64W; (2.) 41-27-25.74N 071-24-38.94W; (3.) 41-27-33.60N 071-24-38.34W (4.) 41-24-49.80N 071-22-58.14W (5.) 41-26-40.32N 071-24-42.54W (6.) 41-26-34.44N 071-24-8.22W; (7.) 41-26-00.18N 071-24-30.48W; (8.) 41-28-00.96N 071-24-28.68W; (9.) 41-24-43.74N 071-214.44W; (10.) 41-24-56.52N 071-21-59.64W; (11.) 41-24-52.62N 071-23-43.62W; (12.) 41-27-38.880N 071-24-6.978W; (13.) 41-26-4.324N 071-24-30.591W; (14.) 41-27-36.236N 071-24-37.026N; (15.)41-26-44.709N 071-24-38.974W; (16.) 41-24-45.927N 071-21-39.508W.

Mariners are urged to avoid the ordnances and transit the area with caution.


For more information, read the USCG Notice to Mariners.
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