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The Better Bay Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the boating experience on the Narragansett Bay by identifying, communicating, and promoting safety, accessibility, and cooperation while sharing our wonderful natural resource. Through collaboration with governmental, corporate, and private stakeholders, the Better Bay Alliance strives to be a resource for all who wish to enjoy the Bay.

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US Coast Guard – October 14th, 2021
US Coast Guard – October 14th, 2021

LOCAL NOTICE TO MARINERS October 14,2021 District: 1 Week: 41/21 Narragansett Bay and Coastal Waters of Rhode Island AIDS TO NAVIGATION CHANGES LLNR Aid Name Status Chart # BNM Ref LNM Start LNM Finish 16480 Fiddlers Cove Marina Buoy SFC Off Sta/HAZ NAV 13236 SENE-0184-20 47/20 17797 URI Pump Lighted Research Buoy MISSING 13223 SENE-0118-21 23/21 18113 NEBW Daybeacon1 STRUCT…

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