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November 23rd, 2022
November 23rd, 2022
Section II – DISCREPANCIES LLNR  Aid Name Status Chart No. LNM St / LNM End DISCREPANCIES (FEDERAL AIDS) 18310 Providence River Channel Lighted Buoy HAZ/NAV 13224 Sept 22 DISCREPANCIES (PRIVATE AIDS) 18113 NEBW Daybeacon 1 STRUCT DESTR 13223 June 21 18192 Bristol Harbor Daybeacon 6A DAYMK MISSING 13224 October 22 18194 Bristol Harbor East Channel Buoy 5 OFF STA/HAZ NAV…

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Introduction to Better Bay Alliance Interview

The video interview provided at the link below was a recent discussion is between the Better Bay Alliance Vice President, David Lussier, and Paula Tartaglino, the mother of a woman (Sandra) who perished while sailing in a regatta off Newport Rhode Island on August 11, 2019 when she collided with a powerboat.

The Better Bay Alliance was formed shortly after this accident by a group of concerned boaters with a broad background of boating experience. The purpose of the interview was to make the public more aware of the Better Bay Alliance origins, provide more public legacy information on Sandra Tartaglino, and provide more specifics on the accident to the public so people are aware of just how lethal a pleasurable day on the local waters can be.

For more information about the Better Bay Alliance, please go to If you are in alignment with the organization’s goals, please support us by making a tax-deductible contribution.

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The Better Bay Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the boating experience on the Narragansett Bay by identifying, communicating, and promoting safety, accessibility, and cooperation while sharing our wonderful natural resource. Through collaboration with governmental, corporate, and private stakeholders, the Better Bay Alliance strives to be a resource for all who wish to enjoy the Bay.