Narragansett Bay and Local Applicability


  • Know Your Anchorage Areas
  • Narragansett Bay hazards
  • Newport Harbor Entrance 5 MPH Speed Limit
  • Fish Traps off Newport and in the Bay
  • Introduction of Eldridges

Key Narragansett Bay Hazards

Harbor Entrance

Key Items

  • Harbor entrance traffic
  • 5MPH Speed limit
  • Anchorage area
  • North of Rose Island
Narragansett Bay and Local Topics

Fish Trap Areas

Things to note

  • Large areas authorized for fish traps off southern RI
  • Traps are barrels with cable between barrels just below waterline
  • Markings at edge of traps have buoys with flags, but are difficult to see, especially in heavy weather
  • More shell fishing farm beds being deployed each year
  • Several located around Narragansett Bay
Narragansett Bay and Local Topics
Narragansett Bay and Local Topics

Other Narragansett Bay Hazards

Things to note

  • Conimicut Point
  • Despair Island
  • Spar Islands
  • Halfway Rock
  • Navy Jetty
  • Brenton Reef
Narragansett Bay and Local Topics

Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book

  • Outstanding local resource of info on Narragansett Bay and beyond to much of east coast
  • Tide Tables
  • Current Tables and Diagrams
  • Safe Navigation
  • Lights, Signals, and Buoys
  • Communication protocols
  • Astronomical Data (sun/moon/planets)
  • Flags & Codes
  • Miscellaneous useful info
Narragansett Bay and Local Topics