The Providence Journal: Boating safety a priority as cable-laying starts for offshore wind project in Bay

Dave Monti | Special to The Providence Journal

The Better Bay Alliance held a public workshop recently with Ørsted and their Revolution Wind project, which is being built this year along with a cable installation in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay. About 40 people attended the April 25 workshop at Innovate Newport.

Dave Lussier, president of The Better Bay Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing boating safety in Rhode Island waters, underscored the significance of proactive communication with the public regarding upcoming operations that could affect boating safety, including the installation of the wind farm and cabling in Narragansett Bay.

A map shows where the Revolution Wind project will be sited off the coast of Rhode Island.
“The Better Bay Alliance is not in any partnership with Ørsted and we are not an endorsing or supporting organization, but rather simply an interested party that wants the boating public to fully understand what their plans are so that boating safety in our waters remains a priority for all users of our waterways,” Lussier said.

The Alliance has developed Live Chart — a tool that illustrates specific areas and schedules for the cable laying process, ensuring that stakeholders remain informed. Additionally, the organization disseminates news about various events and activities on the water. Live Chart is free and easily accessible on the BBA website:

Information about wind farm developer activities in and out of Narragansett Bay can do nothing but help mariner safety. The hope is that more information meetings like the one held by The Better Bay Alliance occur in other parts of the Bay as needed so boating safety remains a priority.

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