Narragansett Bay Community Series: Revolution Wind Construction and MarinerBetter Bay Alliance
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Newport, RI-
April 26, 2024

Title:   Narragansett Bay Community Series: Revolution Wind Construction and Mariner


Newport, RI – April 26, 2024 – On Thursday, April 25th, Ørsted Marine Affairs joined forces with The Better Bay Alliance to host a public presentation at Innovate Newport. The event served as a platform to provide insights into the Revolution Wind Construction project and its implications for the local community and marine environment.

The gathering commenced with opening remarks from Dave Lussier, President of The Better Bay Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing boating safety in Rhode Island Waters. Lussier underscored the significance of proactive communication with the public regarding upcoming operations that could affect boating safety, including the installation of the Revolutionary Wind Farm. This offshore wind farm will be linked to the shore via cabling through the east and west passages of Narragansett Bay.

Lussier clarified The Better Bay Alliance’s role, stating, “The BBA is not in any partnership with Orsted in any way, and we are not an endorsing or supporting organization, but rather simply an interested party that wants the boating public to fully understand what their plans are so that boating safety in our waters remains a priority for all users of our waterways.” Furthermore, Lussier added that The Better Bay Alliance is neither for nor against offshore wind power, and the BBA has not and will not accept any funding from Ørsted to conduct this session or integrate their activities into LIVE CHART.

In response to the need for transparency, The Better Bay Alliance has developed a LIVE CHART product. This tool illustrates specific areas and schedules for the cable laying process, ensuring that stakeholders remain informed. Additionally, the organization disseminates news about various events and activities on the water. LIVE CHART is free and easily accessible on the BBA website:

Following the opening remarks, Ørsted shared updates on the Revolution Wind Construction project. The presentation provided detailed insights into the project’s innovative approach, emphasizing its impact on marine ecosystems, renewable energy, and local communities.

An enriching panel discussion, moderated by Ørsted, followed the presentation. Panelists, comprising experts intimately familiar with the project, offered unique perspectives on various aspects, including challenges, opportunities, and innovations associated with the initiative.

The event drew a diverse audience, including industry professionals, environmental advocates, and inquisitive citizens eager to gain deeper insights into the future of offshore wind energy.


ABOUT Better Bay Alliance

The Better Bay Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the boating experience on Rhode Island waters by identifying, communicating, and promoting safety, accessibility, and cooperation while sharing our wonderful natural resource. Through collaboration with governmental, corporate, and private stakeholders, the Better Bay Alliance strives to be a resource for all who wish to enjoy the Bay.