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BoatUS: Enroll Now for On-Water Powerboat Training Classes

Are you ready to learn how to operate a powerboat safely and confidently on the water? Our comprehensive courses cover everything from basic boating skills to advanced open water techniques, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills needed to operate a powerboat safely. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a more skilled and confident powerboater.

✓ 3-Hours On the Water
✓ Taught by a USCG Licensed Captain
✓ Morning and Afternoon Sessions



Intro To Boating

Module One

Centering the Wheel
Shifting Gears
Pre-Departure Checklist
Station Holding

Precision Docking

Module Two

180-Degree Turnarounds
Docking on Port & Starboard
Departing From Dock
Using S.C.A.N. Procedures

Open-Water Boat Handling

Module Three

Utilizing Boat Trim
Displacement & Planning
Emergency Stops

One-Water Advanced Maneuvering

Module Four

Crossing Waves and Wakes
Person Overboard Retrieval
Sharp Turning on Plane
Advanced Avoidance

BoatUS: Enroll Now for On-Water Powerboat Training Classes

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