WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — A Warwick fire captain who saved a paddleboarder in distress while off-duty was honored Monday morning.

Capt. Andrew Sisson was surfing in Tiverton when he was alerted to the man in need of help.

“I got out of one spot and into another spot because the wind had come up and ruined the spot I was surfing at,” Sisson recalled. “When I got to the beach, I saw two men offshore and one man was having quite a bit of difficulty assisting another man who appeared to be lifeless.”

Sisson was able to bring the paddleboarder more than 30 feet to shore, then performed CPR until rescue crews arrived.

Officials said the man was awake and alert by the time they arrived at the hospital.

“It’s not often we get to hear the outcome of the patients we take to the hospital,” Sisson said. “I’ve never been in a situation not out with the fire department that I give care like this.”

Sisson told 12 News that the man has since been treated and released.

“Captain Sisson exemplifies what a Warwick firefighter is,” Chief Peter McMichael said. “Warwick firefighters are on duty 24/7, not only when you’re in uniform, and can use their skills to save a life.”

Sisson wanted people to know that they too can save someone’s life.

“In a situation where you think something is going wrong, you can always help, and you can make a huge difference in someone’s life by stepping up and helping,” he said. “Don’t wait for someone else.”

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